Everyone has someone who’s precious to them.

But sometimes, because of the distance between us, we can't be with them, and we can't celebrate the precious times in our lives together.
When my grandmother, who had been bedridden for a long time, couldn’t attend my wedding, we decided to find a way to enable her to join the party, held 300km from her home.
On the day of the party, she wore a head-mounted display, and with this was able to virtually hug my bride. It was as if she was there with us, and the experience moved her to tears.
I strongly felt the need to make this technology easier to use and available to everyone, so that others too can feel joy in being together in the same way that my grandmother did.

“HUGVR" is a service that makes it possible for anyone to easily deliver 360° live streaming video, and to transport people to other places where they want to go.

“Even if we really wish we could be there with those who are precious to us, we can’t”
In the near future, this kind of problem will no longer exist.

Our service is the first step to making that future a reality.